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ecoSolargy puts its partners through the same vigorous qualification process we use on ourselves. Our inverter partners have been chosen to provide the most sustainable solutions and high quality products which have stood the test of time. Partnerships are created to provide better products, services and solutions to our customers.


This is the integrated monitoring feature our partners have asked us for. Coupled with the embedded digital control processor by KACO we have created a powerful monitoring tool that will accurately and reliably provide the most pertinent data that you need.


Now it's even easier to know that your PV system is operating at it's optimum level. The watchDOG decreases costs and increases reliability to give you the most innovative monitoring solution in the solar marketplace. The KACO watchDOG monitors PV system performance from inside the connection box housing. There is no need to purchase additional external hardware. All that is needed is an active Ethernet internet connection. The watchDOG will help to ensure that your system is performing to it's full potential.

Through the KACO blueplanet web portal you will be able to remotely view your current production, historical production data and production trends. Your status alarms can be configured to email you the moment that a problem arises. This will help to maximize system uptime, overall performance and increase savings. The data can be accessed remotely by Performance Monitoring Reporting Service (PMRS) providers to report your system data for solar incentive reporting.