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Project Developers

ecoSolargy is a full service solar solutions provider. We offer reliable solar products, customized solar strategies and installation solutions.

Only need a few of our services? No problem. We provide à la carte products and services so you can ultimately provide a full service solution. ecoSolargy also offers financing, allowing you to start and finish construction on projects without cash flow constraints.

Project Consulting

Understanding the available programs and resources in the early stages of a solar development project can make it more profitable. We have collaborated with successful solar projects all around the world, and can use that experience to help you make your solar project a success.

Preliminary Investigation
ecoSolargy will provide site analysis services to help maximize the system’s effectiveness and aesthetic appeal. Identifying and troubleshooting site issues up front saves our clients thousands of dollars over the life cycle of the project.

Environmental Studies

Environmental studies can delay the timely completion of a solar project. We make use of our many partners in the solar industry to understand the environmental impact of your solar project, and speed the timeline to completion.

PPA Negotiations

Negotiating the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a key component of a solar development. Ecosolargy has a deep understanding of how utility companies operate and how PPAs are reviewed and negotiated and can utilize this expertise to maximize your profit on the project.

Solar Project Engineering/Design

Our solutions-driven engineering/design team will ensure your system is optimized to deliver performance today and well into the future.Solid design produces solid results.

If you have a utility project and would like to speak with an ecoSolargy Utility Specialist, call (866) 299-2565 or email