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ecoSolargy residential solar systems give homeowners the ability to generate their own clean, green energy from the sun. Homeowners are significantly lowering their monthly electricity bills and worrying less about future rate hikes. And in most states, solar homeowners can sell their excess electricity back to the utility at the full retail value, further reducing their energy costs.

Today, solar is the right choice for the earth and the right choice for our homes. ecoSolargy’s ecoSolutions can fulfill the energy demands of almost any home with a unique, low-profile design to create an elegant appearance that blends beautifully with today’s residential architecture. Combined with our black-framed solar modules, our ecoSolutions set a new standard in solar aesthetics and performance. And for homeowners needing maximum energy output, ecoSolargy proudly introduces its most powerful monocrystalline residential module, offering flexible installation for nearly any kind of roof.

ecoSolargy strives to expand the use of renewable energy for a cleaner future through the deployment of reliable, affordable solar solutions to contractors, developers and building owners.

Which solar panels should I install?

Choosing the correct panel for your residential solar system is essential for optimal system reliability and performance. ecoSolargy solar panels are guaranteed to outperform conventional panels and have been tested in extreme conditions. As a vertically integrated solar panel manufacturer, every part of an ecoSolargy solar panel is individually manufactured and assembled at our facilities to ensure exceptional quality control and product performance.

Advantages of using ecoSolargy Solar Panels

● Industry Leading Energy Output
● Proven Product Efficiency
● Industry Leading 25 Year Performance Warranty Guarantee

How can I reduce the cost of a Solar Installation?

● Using guidance from the Appraisal Institute of America, a typical 5 kilowatt solar system will increase the value of your home by approximately $60,000 (without increasing property taxes) and can reduce or eliminate your utility bill.
● A Solar Electric System on your roof allows you to collect 30% Federal Tax Credit and potentially a substantial rebate check from your utility provider.
● The combined IRS tax credit and solar rebate can cut the cost of your system by as much as 55%.
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