ecoSolargy and Sollega Partnership

ecoSolargy and Sollega Partnership

Through a vigorous qualification process of products and staff ecoSolargy takes pride in its partnerships. We have found that Sollega has a knowledgeable likeminded staff and high quality products that make their solar solutions a perfect fit for ecoSolargy’s clients across the globe.

Sollega provides the easiest to install and most cost effective solar mounting solution available. Sollega designs, tests and manufacturers solar mounting solutions serving the US and European markets. The patent-pending InstaRack high-efficiency solar racking system, is a one-piece, pre-formed solar mounting system made from durable lightweight high density polyethylene plastic (HDPE). It utilizes a UV inhibitor for durability and extended life.

This durable material uses a minimum of 35% recycled content, resulting in a lower carbon footprint than conventional energy intensive aluminum racking systems. We source and manufacture our products entirely in the USA.


  • Simple and Innovative Design: requires only 1 tool for assembly
  • Quick Installation: up to 2 kW per person per hour
  • Universal System: compatible with modules 30” - 44” in width
  • Integrated Grounding: only run wires at end of row
  • Flexible Design: contours and adjusts to roof obstacles
  • Wind Tunnel tested: in accordance with ASCE 7-05; 120 MPH Rating
  • Fully Ballasted: easy to disassemble for reroofing
  • Low Weight: average 4-8 psf
  • Optional Mechanical Attachments: for seismic requirements
  • Engineering Support: layouts, wind and ballast engineering included
  • HDPE: Very robust, flexible, non-conductive and resistantto ultra violet light
  • Stackable Design: low shipping cost
  • Made In The USA: ARRA and “Buy American” compliant
Sollega Racking System Information
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