ecoSolargy and KACO Partnership

ecoSolargy and KACO Partnership

ecoSolargy puts its partners through the same vigorous qualification process we use on our self. Kaco has a knowledgeable and like minded staff with high quality products which have stood the test of time. From its inception, this partnership has helped us better service our customers.


  • 95.5% CEC efficiency on all 02xi series ensures low energy losses
  • Highest string sizing flexibility with all modules and temperature ranges
  • KACO inverters wake up earlier and work longer than the competition
  • Newest generation IGBTs and advanced MPPT algorithms

Ease of installation

  • Easy install T-bracket: Minimizes mounting process to approximately 15 minutes
  • Lockable DC/AC disconnect: Save up to $150 with the pre-wired & separable integrated disconnects
  • Multiple knock-outs: Knock-outs on bottom, sides and back offer great installation flexibility
  • Connection box: Avoid costly channel raceways by directly connecting multiple inverters
  • Light weight: KACO inverters are up to 50% lighter than comparably sized inverters
  • Reduced side clearance: No fan cooling outlets on the sides
  • Field selectable voltages: Use the same inverter in 208V, 220V or 240V grid settings
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