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ecoSolargy puts its partners through the same vigorous qualification process we use on ourselves. Our inverter partners have been chosen to provide the most sustainable solutions and high quality products which have stood the test of time. Partnerships are created to provide better products, services and solutions to our customers.


Anchored by the strongest rails in solar, the IronRidge Roof Mount System provides the durability and versatility to handle virtually any residential or commercial rooftop.

The unique curved profile of the XRS Rail increases its strength while also giving it an attractive look, making it very customer-friendly. Lightweight rails like the XRL reduce cost for lighter load conditions. In addition, IronRidge Rails are certified for integrated grounding, which eliminates separate module grounding components and procedures, making it very installer-friendly.


Strongest Rails
    Longer spans between attachments, fewer roof penetrations.
Simple Assembly
    Versatile and adjustable components simplify any array design.
Integrated Grounding
    UL 2703 system eliminates separate module grounding components.
PE Certified
    Pre-stamped engineering letters available in most states.
Design Software
    Online tool generates a complete bill of materials in minutes.
Data Sheet (PDF, 1.4M)

PVM1010 Data Sheet (PDF, 272K)

Inverter-Direct Data Monitoring Data Sheet (PDF, 2.3M)

Installation & Operating Manual (PDF, 1.6M)

PVM1010 Installation Manual (PDF, 1.9M)

Product Chart (PDF, 4.3M)