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ecoSolargy puts its partners through the same vigorous qualification process we use on ourselves. Our inverter partners have been chosen to provide the most sustainable solutions and high quality products which have stood the test of time. Partnerships are created to provide better products, services and solutions to our customers.


IronRidge's Ground Mount System is a cost-effective and scalable mounting solution that supports a wide range of site and terrain challenges. The versatile IronRidge Rail system combines with installer-supplied steel pipe to form a durable and cost-effective mounting structure.


    Save cost with easily sourced schedule 40 or 80 steel pipe
    Accommodates either 2" or 3" implementations
    Supports ballasted or embedded foundation applications
    Key attachment is made form cast aluminum
    Multiple panel configurations for optimizing specific site conditions
    No drilling or welding required during installation process
    PE Certified for most states
Data Sheet (PDF, 1.4M)

PVM1010 Data Sheet (PDF, 272K)

Inverter-Direct Data Monitoring Data Sheet (PDF, 2.3M)

Installation & Operating Manual (PDF, 1.6M)

PVM1010 Installation Manual (PDF, 1.9M)

Product Chart (PDF, 4.3M)