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Opportunity and Success with ecoSolargy

The greatest challenge and obstacle faced by our clientele is the difficulty in obtaining funding. ecoSolargy is dedicated to assisting developers to successfully complete solar projects through our extensive financial network.We use a solutions driven approach to assist developers in successfully completing projects of all scales by leveraging our lender relationships and pairing our clientele with the optimal financial solutions. With the right financing programs secured by ecoSolargy, solar installers have been able to accomplish multiple solar projects at the same time.

Solar installers across the nation can apply to become a recognized partner of ecoSolargy by contacting one of the account executives or applying online. ecoSolargy account executives are well-versed of the various programs and incentives available in different states and can offer valuable financing and credit options to solar installers.

Project developers that are developing large scale solar projects in the United States are encouraged to contact ecoSolargy's Utility Project Department. To assist in the start of these large scale solar projects, ecoSolargy can assist in project funding or project acquisition. To further discuss the various options available, please contact ecoSolargy’s Utility Project Department. Through collaboration and creative resolutions, ecoSolargy and its partners will continue to bring forward successful projects to “turn on solar” across the nation. Taking the first step and partnering with ecoSolargy will establish a solid foundation towards a brighter future.

FPL Solar Rebate Program

Florida Power & Light (FPL) recently announced they will be offering solar rebates beginning June 29th of this year. On a residential solar system installation, the rebate offered can be up to $20,000 and up to $50,000 for business solar system installation. ecoSolargy is committed and focused on partnering with local Florida EPC companies (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) and solar PV installers to better serve their clientele and the community as a whole. To achieve these partnerships, ecoSolargy is offering aggressive incentive programs in the purchasing of our proprietary ecoSolargy solar panels, to assist partners in obtaining contracts to multiple projects using the FPL rebate program. Our vision is that as solar energy becomes a more viable source of energy, ecoSolargy will continue to serve as an integral partner and provide quality products through our exceptional customer service and sales channels.

LEED Renewable Energy Points

ecoSolargy is lending help to architects, contractors, and engineers to achieve points toward LEED certification with solar solutions.

LEED stands for "Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design" and is a program created by the United States Green Buildings Council (USGBC) to lead the way in renewable and green energy alternatives. Equally as important, within our industry, LEED has become the benchmark for creating sustainable buildings and sustainable energy sources. Their goal is to promote the most efficient practices and provide a framework for building owners and operators to implement and measure green designs, the construction of green projects, the ongoing day to day operations of these projects, and the continued and necessary maintenance of these same projects.

LEED certification can be obtained for both new and existing buildings. LEED offers four levels of certification deriving from the LEED Rating System: LEED Certified (32-39 points), LEED Silver (40-47 points), LEED Gold (48-63 points), LEED Platinum (64-85 points). The LEED Rating System allocates points to multiple categories for environmentally friendly building practices such as Sustainable Design, Water Efficiency, and Energy Efficiency Practices. The most heavily weighted category for LEED certification is Energy Efficient Practices, the very category that ecoSolargy can assist in most.

ecoSolargy can help in gaining the necessary points for LEED certification throughthe installation of solar. On site renewable energy produced by solar systems are awarded LEED points depending on the amount of energy they produce. For generating 12 percent of the building's energy from a solar system, 4 LEED points are awarded for on site renewable energy. As for the indirect points, by getting a majority 75% of energy from on-site solar panels, another point can be awarded by buying carbon-off sets for the remaining 25% of the buildings energy. ecoSolargy solar solutions will ensure the optimum points towards LEED certification is achieved.
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Solar Partnership Program

As a solar panel manufacturer, ecoSolargy, Inc. is committed to supporting the growth of our authorized dealers. ecoSolargy's authorized dealer program was created in an effort to provide solar professionals with solution driven products and services that help identify, address and solve various challenges and obstacles within the solar industry...read more

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ecoSolargy strives to be the worldwide leader and innovative provider of solar energy solutions. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, ecoSolargy provides a full line of photovoltaic products and solutions that have proven to be outstanding in both performance and quality. Our manufacturing capabilities, global presence and international partnerships have helped clients grow in all aspects of their business... read more

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