Solar Panel Manufacturer

The quality of solar has improved dramatically in recent years due to the growth of technological innovation within manufacturing. These advancements have made the next generation of solar more efficient and durable compared to older technology. Today, solar panels generate far more power in a given day and will last a minimum of 25 years. These benefits are the result of better formulations used in making the cells as well as improvements to the manufacturing process itself. Even though the basics of how solar panels work have changed very little over the years, the developments throughout manufacturing have made solar power systems a better investment than ever before.

ecoSolargy strives to be the worldwide leading manufacturer and innovative provider of solar energy solutions. ecoSolargy has successfully grown to become one of the leading solar panel manufacturers in the PV industry based on its strong vertically integrated manufacturing business model, producing ingots, wafers, cells and modules in-house. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, ecoSolargy provides a full line of photovoltaic modules and solutions that have proven to be outstanding in both performance and quality. ecoSolargy strives to deliver solution driven results for the residential, commercial and utility scale markets.

With an annual capacity of 500MW, our mission is to promote the progress and technological breakthroughs in the photovoltaic industry. The research and development team at ecoSolargy is devoted to improving the quality of our products by lowering the production cost and pushing forward technological innovation. ecoSolargy's goal is to provide customers from all around the world with elite product quality that delivers industry leading performance.