ecoSolargy CSR

ecoSolargy was founded with a vision of powering the world with solar energy. As our business has grown, so has our vision. While transitioning to sustainable solar energy will certainly help safeguard our planet’s future, we believe our responsibility extends further. Our company must consider the social and environmental impact of our decisions at every juncture. As a result, we’re implementing a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program which applies our vision of a sustainable future to all aspects of our business.


We’re taking measures to reduce our resource consumption. Our 12 kW photovoltaic system offsets approximately two-thirds of the electricity used in our corporate office.

Our recycling and green purchasing policies limit the environmental impact of in-office activities. Our goal in 2014 is to reduce water use and electricity consumption by ten percent, and paper waste by twenty percent. Our packaging is in the process of being redesigned to improve its end of life purpose for easy re-use and simplified disposal.


Once a month, ecoSolargy gives back its time to our community. We work with a variety of local charities, helping with projects like beach clean-ups and food preparation for those in need. We hope that our example will inspire other individuals and businesses to give back, building a community-wide culture of responsibility. If you are a nonprofit in need of volunteers, please contact us at


ecoSolargy has chosen an innovative approach to corporate philanthropy by giving the gift of solar. Giving solar systems to nonprofits helps them reduce operating costs for three decades. We believe that charities shouldn’t worry about electric rate inflation, but instead should focus on their mission. In 2013, ecoSolargy doubled the size of Everybody Solar’s Homeboy Industries original project by donating 9 kW of Orion Series modules. We look forward to completing similar projects in 2014. To read more about our CSR commitments, you can download our full CSR plan. For information about current efforts, check out the CSR section of our blog.