Mission Statement

ecoSolargy strives to expand the use of renewable energy for a cleaner future through the deployment of reliable, affordable solar solutions to contractors, developers and building owners.


ecoSolargy is a full-service solar solutions provider. We offer high-quality solar products at manufacturer-direct prices that fit any size project. In addition to our products, we develop the strategies and installation solutions that fit the business needs of contractors, project developers and building owners.

Our ecoSolargy name combines the terms ecology, solar energy and technology and clearly reflects who we are—a company that offers the latest in solar solutions to deliver affordable, clean and renewable energy to businesses and homes striving to achieve economic sustainability.

ecoSolargy is American-owned and headquartered in Irvine, CA. We have evolved from being a solar (PV) manufacturer to being a comprehensive solar solutions provider to meet the expanding needs of the market.


ecoSolargy, Inc. is a complete solar power solutions provider, priding itself on providing low cost solar services while maintaining outstanding customer and technical support. From our roots as a solar (PV) manufacturer, we have grown to become a comprehensive solar solutions provider. We serve as an all-inclusive renewable resource for planning, financing, building and maintaining solar energy power systems.


ecoSolargy, Inc. was established in Irvine, California in early 2009. Its headquarters are located near John Wayne Airport, in the heart of Orange County. In its early days, the company served primarily as a solar module manufacture. ecoSolargy utilized strategic relationships with some of the world’s top module producers to provide top tier products as a competitive based solution across North America.

In early 2011, ecoSolargy capitalized upon its strategic relationships within the solar panel supply chain to enter into the solar development space, offering cost competitive, high quality leading component brands along with our solar modules as part of its turn-key development solution. Today, ecoSolargy owners and operates various solar projects through the nation.

ecoSolargy’s most recent transformation has taken place early this year with the launch of the ecoSolutions program. Hearing the cries of our clients to offer inverters and racking along with our ecoSolargy modules as a full service solution provider has lead us to do just that.

ecoSolargy has partnered with likeminded industry leading manufactures and solutions providers to help our clients safe both time and money. Our clients’ projects are an extension of who we are, as result we maintain our personal service through the life of the project with the focus to build our business together.

Our Team

ecoSolargy’s team of experts strive to contribute to a better tomorrow. Our goal is to standardize the use of clean energy and provide our customers with solutions that will help them achieve economic sustainability. Our sense of environmental responsibility drives the dedication and passion with which we undertake every project.


Our company has achieved success due to strong leadership from our President and CEO, Alan Lee.

Alan Lee has spent nearly two decades perfecting his expertise in technology and environment management, with more than seven years focused specifically on solar solutions.

Prior to founding ecoSolargy Inc. in 2009, Mr. Lee served as senior Advisor to a developer and manufacturer of solar cells and modules. Mr. Lee left to launch ecoSolargy with the mission of providing quality vertically integrated solar solutions and reducing costs across the solar supply chain.

The goal is to build ecoSolargy as a market-friendly solar solutions provider renowned for its high quality products and outstanding customer service.