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ecoSolargy puts its partners through the same vigorous qualification process we use on ourselves. Our inverter partners have been chosen to provide the most sustainable solutions and high quality products which have stood the test of time. Partnerships are created to provide better products, services and solutions to our customers.

3.5KW, blueplanet 3502xi

95.5% CEC efficiency, Wide MPPT range


    High efficiency: 95.5% CEC efficiency on all 02xi series inverters ensures low energy losses
    Wide MPPT range: Highest string sizing flexibility with all modules and temperature ranges
    Low start-up voltage: KACO inverters wake up earlier and work longer than the competition
    Designed for max. ROI: Newest generation IGBTs and advanced MPPT algorithms


    easyINSTALL T-bracket: Minimizes mounting process to approximately 15 minutes
    Lockable DC/AC disconnect: Save up to $150 with the pre-wired & separable integrated disconnects
    Multiple knock-outs: Knock-outs on bottom, sides and back offer great installation flexibility
    Connection box: Avoid costly channel raceways by directly connecting multiple inverters
    Reduced weight: KACO inverters are up to 50% lighter than comparably sized inverters
    Reduced side clearance: No fan cooling outlets on the sides
    Field selectable voltages: Use the same inverter in 208V, 220V or 240V grid settings
    History: KACO has been manufacturing power electronics for more than 60 years
    Experience: More than 3 GW of inverters worth more than $1 billion installed worldwide
    Split architecture design: Power electronics are protected in a separate chamber
    Sealed outdoor enclosure: Protects power electronics from insects, dust, humidity and ocean air
    DC reverse polarity protection: Avoids potential damage to inverter caused by mis-wiring during installation
    Redundant power capacitors: Increases the lifetime of your inverter
    Convection cooling: No moving parts increases the uptime of your PV system